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Entronix designs, manufactures, installs, and services modern cloud-based Energy Management Systems in high-rise office towers, military bases, hospitals, schools, and government facilities across the United States. Our home office is located in New Orleans, LA and houses our R&D team.  Our team’s focus is on developing simple to install and use Energy Management systems. 100% of our products are coded and made in United States.
Our focus is to deliver power, water, and gas usage data to you in the simplest and easiest manner possible – while still delivering advanced analytics and reporting on any device, from anywhere you are.
Entronix can retrieve/submit data from an existing automation system or can be a completely standalone solution. Our system can reuse existing communicating meters, retrofit older pulse style meters, or work with newly installed revenue grade meters.
topo-after We take communicating meters (Modbus, BACnet or Tridium) and tie them into our Entronix E-Node. This node connects to the Internet and on to the Entronix servers. The node does not need a static IP address nor does it have to interact with firewalls. All it needs is internet out. See graphic below.
Measurement, verification, and notification are important concepts with regard to your building’s consumption. Traditionally, utility consumption is considered a “fixed cost”. Property managers receive a bill, and at that point they just have to pay it. What if it were a “variable cost”? Then we can control and curb it in real-time. Entronix energy data is streamed and logged every few seconds so facility staff can:
  • Identify patterns – catch that heavy piece of equipment that is running overnight, spot the tenant with an abnormal load.
  • Verify utility power quality, identify power factor issues.
  • Notify operators of potential peak demand occurrences instantly so that corrective action can be taken.
Your data is safely stored on the Entronix servers. It is also replicated at the Entronix node and via redundant server backups.
Your data is your data. You can download everything, at any time.
Each Entronix node comes with a lifetime warranty, valid for as long as you remain an Entronix customer.
This is indeed possible. Please contact connect@entronix.io to discuss your particular application.
Yes. You can specify a zip code for the node, so that degree day data can be calculated to compare consumption under different environmental conditions, both current and historical.
Our entire platform is built around a “Responsive Design” concept. This means you don’t have the hassle of dealing with an app. Simply browse to your site from any web enabled device (phone, tablet, laptop or PC). We take care of the rest!
Yes. We take the responsibility of securing our data very seriously. The data is encrypted in transit using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and passwords are stored salted and hashed so even we don’t know your password.
Yes. Reports, Dashboards and other analytic tools/results can easily be shared among users via email.
Technical Support is free! Our office hours are 8AM-5PM Central time. You can receive 24/7 support via our website or email techsupport@entronix.io.
With a Cloud-based solution, these concerns are a thing of the past. We can store your data without limitation for the life of the product. All data is also able to be exported at any time.
Consumption data from individual meters can easily be combined and treated as a single meter.
YES. Our system will analyze current and past consumption rates/patterns and predict this information for the future.
YES. You can specify which users are allowed to view those resources.
Our Entronix node has a patented feature that allows it to timestamp & save several months of data in the event of a communication outage. Once communication is restored, the saved, timestamped data is automatically pushed to the Cloud with no “flat spots” or holes.
Yes – our EPC1 Pulse-to-Modbus converter is a perfect fit.
For the Entronix node to connect to our servers, we simply need an active, outbound internet connection — no port forwarding or firewall configuration needed. Once the node has woken up, it will attempt to reach TCP port 2049 at registrar.entronix.io. The registrar supplies the node with identity and login credentials for the customer. Once this is successful, it will then connect to an assigned TCP port (in the 2000-2999 range) at the specific server for that customer.
Once connected to power, the node wakes up and automatically obtains an IP via DHCP. (Static IP is possible, as well. Contact techsupport@entronix.io for assistance).
Please contact techsupport@entronix.io for assistance. Typically, this FAQ is enough to help them make an exception for the node. The node has very specific/minimal connection needs.
Entronix sells an “Entronix Network Test Kit” that will quickly and easily test your connection while highlighting any problem areas. Please contact techsupport@entronix.io for pricing.
This number is printed on the blue box your node is shipped in. Look for the “MAC Address” label, which will be a combination of 12 letters and/or numbers.
Some documentation is available on the document support page, otherwise please ask us if you are looking for something specific.

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