A strong foundation

From the day it all started, we’ve been a company dedicated to asking one question: “Why not?” Our work to anticipate and overcome every challenge has rooted our values and vaulted us to the top of our industry.

The Inception of Entronix

Founded with the mission to blend technology with sustainability in facility management, Entronix commenced by testing early prototypes in select Class A facilities in downtown Houston, TX.


Development and Early Implementation

The journey continued with the development of a cloud-based analytics platform focused on energy management, marking its first significant project at the New Orleans Superdome, an iconic NFL Stadium.


Broadening Horizons

Entronix expanded its offerings to include fault detection and diagnostics, thereby enhancing the platform’s capabilities. This year also saw the relocation of its headquarters to Dallas, TX, signifying growth and ambition.


Recognition and Partnerships

The company’s innovative solutions began to gain recognition, leading to partnerships with prestigious Class A facilities. Notably, Entronix’s technology was employed by ESCO companies for projects at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and various esteemed universities, serving as a crucial tool for measurement and verification.


Innovations in Analytics and User Experience

Significant advancements were made to the analytics features of the platform, alongside improvements to the user interface, aimed at elevating the client experience and ensuring easier access to crucial data.


Stepping into the IoT Arena

Entronix embraced IoT technology, integrating IoT hardware to funnel data into its system for multifaceted business goals, starting with the New Orleans Convention Center. Expansion into the Seattle market marked another milestone.


Adapting Amidst Global Challenges

In response to global challenges, Entronix refined its platform to facilitate remote management and monitoring, with an added emphasis on health and safety metrics, including air quality.


Leveraging AI for Future-Forward Solutions

The integration of AI and machine learning paved the way for predictive analytics and more intelligent energy management, particularly in large plant room operations. This year also saw the launch of enhanced graphical interfaces and tools for operational efficiency.


Embracing ESG Reporting

By partnering with leading property management groups, Entronix began collecting data to generate ESG reports, offering customized solutions tailored to various facility types and sizes.


Setting Industry Benchmarks

Entronix established itself as a standard in energy management, facility analytics, and ESG reporting, continuing to champion innovation and empowering clients towards sustainable facility management.


Vision for the Future

With a growing team dedicated to the development of new features and technologies, Entronix remains committed to minimizing environmental impact and optimizing facility management, aiming to shape a sustainable, efficient, and interconnected future.

Entronix's Legacy and Vision

Throughout its journey, Entronix has steadfastly pursued its mission to pioneer a platform that transcends traditional boundaries, empowering clients with the tools to achieve operational excellence and environmental stewardship.