Entronix AI

At Entronix AI, we offer a state-of-the-art platform designed to empower organizations in monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing their environmental footprint and resource efficiency. Our suite of features are engineered to provide detailed insights and actionable intelligence across various dimensions of sustainability and operational efficiency. Below is a detailed overview of the features that make Entronix an indispensable tool for modern businesses committed to sustainability and efficiency.

Key Features

Comprehensive Emissions and Resource Monitoring

Our platform offers robust capabilities to monitor and report on energy, water, and waste metrics in near real-time. This detailed analysis covers everything from individual pieces of equipment and product lines to entire facilities and products, enabling a granular view of resource consumption and environmental impact.

Scope 1 and 2 Emissions Analysis

Entronix seamlessly converts data on utility consumption into greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions metrics at all organizational levels. This automated process ensures accurate and comprehensive emissions tracking essential for regulatory compliance and sustainability reporting.

Automated Efficiency Benchmarking

With our platform, benchmarking efficiency becomes a continuous and flexible process. Users can compare the performance of equipment, configurations, and products both within their own operations and against external benchmarks, facilitating best practice identification and adoption.

Anomaly Detection

Leveraging advanced machine learning models, our software detects data inconsistencies, billing discrepancies, and operational anomalies related to energy use and emissions. This early detection helps in preventing inefficiencies and reducing costs.

AI-Driven Baselines and Forecasting

Our machine learning models generate predictive baselines and forecasts for each asset, offering insights into expected and ideal performance levels. This feature aids in setting realistic targets and identifying gaps in emissions and efficiency.

AI Gap to Ideal Analysis

By comparing actual performance against ideal benchmarks, our platform highlights inefficiencies and prioritizes opportunities for improvement, guiding businesses in their sustainability journeys.

Project Measurement and Verification

Entronix Software automates the tracking and reporting of sustainability projects' impacts, adhering to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standards, ensuring credibility and transparency.

Project Management and Planning

Our tools facilitate the strategic planning and execution of a portfolio of sustainability projects, aligning with the ISO-50001 standard for energy management systems.

Product Carbon Footprint Analysis

Utilizing AI models, the platform identifies the energy end-uses of products, such as heating, cooling, and lighting, offering insights into potential areas for carbon footprint reduction.

AI Recommendations

Machine learning algorithms identify high-value emissions reduction opportunities, providing actionable recommendations to meet sustainability objectives effectively.

Peak Demand Forecasting

Predict peak energy loads with precision, enabling strategies to reduce energy costs and GHG emissions through better demand management.

Line and Process Visualization

Employ digital twin technology to gain a comprehensive view of manufacturing operations, understanding the interplay between equipment, lines, and processes to optimize performance.

Data to the Entronix platform can be transmitted automatically, entered manually, or captured via an app, facilitating analytics and reporting.


Real-time Alerts

Maximize savings and efficiency with our real-time alert system, which can be customized to meet specific operational needs.

HVAC Setpoint Optimization

Our optimization models find the ideal settings for HVAC systems, enhancing energy efficiency without compromising comfort.

Self-Serve Data Science

Empower your team with self-service tools for advanced analytics and custom analysis projects, fostering innovation and continuous improvement.

Open and Extensible Data Interface

Integrate data effortlessly from a variety of sources, including third-party systems and building management systems, using industry-standard templates and integrations.

Entronix's Innovative Solutions

Entronix is committed to driving sustainability and operational excellence through innovative technology. Our platform equips businesses with the tools they need to make informed decisions, reduce their environmental impact, and achieve their sustainability goals. Explore how Entronix can transform your operations and contribute to a more sustainable future.