Innovative, high value, blows away the competition. Fanatical support. Worth your time & energy to engage.

Nate Albee, COO, Powertron Global

I have been an Entronix customer since they first went into business and my experience with them is nothing short of fantastic. I first utilized them to analyze and view my buildings large electrical consumption. With the custom dashboards I was able to identify trends and tests cost savings strategies in realtime which led to dramatic reductions in costs. Entronix background in facilities, controls and strategies help make this all possible because put quite simply “they understand the business from an owner/operators point of view”.

Unlike many competitors in this business, they understand that a canned product is not always a fit for all so they willingness to listen and help create custom features absolutely separates them from the rest.

I look forward to our next success with Entronix.

Roger Vasquez, Practice Solution Specialist, Zones

My former company was a medical center composed of approximately 5 million square feet that included a hospital, research buildings, and higher education.

We were able to employ the Entronix energy management platform quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Using the Entronix energy management platform we were able to monitor energy consumption and retrieve past data painlessly. In the past, all of this information was on the building automation system which was very time consuming to find, collect, and present. Also, we ran into issues with lost data with the building automation system.

Even though Entronix was located more than 400 miles away, we received excellent customer service.

Justin Carter, Mechanical Engineer, Bernhard TME

I reviewed the current state of the art with regard to energy management platforms and after reviewing more than 20 companies (trade shows, online searching, word of mouth, presentations, interviews, etc.), I found that Entronix was the leader in their field and way ahead of the rest of the game.

Justin Carter, Mechanical Engineer, Bernhard TME

Thank you for assisting us reach our energy management goals produced by Entronix they really are excellent!

Energy management programs produced by an independent third party such as Entronix provide a professional and unbiased standard that the industry relies on for making critical decisions. In addition, their software is easy to use and is updated regularly.

Thank you once again for your contribution to the industry.

Brian Bates, Operations and maintenance, Kingfish Asset Managment

Entronix provides us with an in depth look into the operations of our building, Pennzoil Place, a 1.8 million sq. ft. Class A+ commercial property completed in 1976 that allows us to outpace or competition in energy conservation, operational insight, and troubleshooting.

It should be said that this is a platform, not just software. Entronix provides the hardware and the software to deliver complete solutions. Custom crafted hardware operations controllers are a closely guarded bit of neuromancy that Entronix has mastered.

Robert Harles, Engineer, Transwestern

Ease of use and customizable features coupled with their lower entry cost make them a no-brainer in my opinion.

Roger Vasquez, Practice Solution Specialist, Zones

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