Harnessing Smart Data for Operational Excellence with Entronix Analytics

Entronix Analytics streamlines the process of turning vast amounts of production, energy, and equipment data into actionable insights. By automatically identifying issues, faults, deviations, and correlations, it unlocks opportunities for enhanced performance and operational savings. Designed for process engineers, production managers, and operators, Entronix makes it simpler to navigate through the complexities of data generated by modern smart systems.

Connect devices or systems for Actionable Intelligence and Operational Efficiency

Facing the challenge of converting data into actionable intelligence, Entronix steps in to bridge the gap. With the proliferation of PLCs, DCS, SCADA systems, MES, energy meters, and Industrial IoT sensors, there’s unprecedented access to valuable operational data. This data not only offers new avenues for improving performance and delivering value-added services but also for reducing costs, extending equipment lifespan, and substantiating efficiency investments. However, the real challenge lies in managing and extracting meaningful insights from this abundance of information. 

Entronix Analytics is designed to meet this challenge head-on, making it applicable across a wide range of fields such as industrial automation, energy management, building automation, and more. It provides a comprehensive solution for leveraging smart device data, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency across various sectors.

Automating Operational Data Analysis with Entronix

Entronix addresses the challenge of making operational data accessible and actionable for busy managers and operators, without requiring constant human oversight. By automating the analysis of data from automation and metering systems, as well as other smart devices, the platform highlights critical issues, patterns, and opportunities for operational enhancements and cost savings. As an open platform, Entronix facilitates the collection and continuous analysis of data from diverse sources, ensuring that key insights are easily discoverable. It combines a vast library of analytic functions with the ability for users to program custom “rules”.

These rules autonomously process data from PLCs, controllers, sensors, and SCADA systems within the production environment, delivering essential information about machine performance and production processes directly to those who need it. Entronix effectively empowers process engineers and operators with the knowledge to optimize their operations.

Streamlined Data Insights

Transform complex production, energy, and equipment data into actionable insights with Entronix Analytics. Our platform automatically highlights issues and opportunities for improved performance and cost savings.

Bridging Data Gaps for Intelligence

Entronix effortlessly connects various devices, from PLCs to IoT sensors, bridging the gap between data collection and actionable intelligence. This enables a new level of operational efficiency and performance enhancement.

Enhancing Decision-Making Across Sectors

With its comprehensive data analysis capabilities, Entronix Analytics serves a broad spectrum of fields, including industrial automation and building management, boosting decision-making and operational efficiency.

Operational Data Automation

Entronix simplifies operational data analysis, offering busy professionals automated insights into critical issues, patterns, and faults. This approach maximizes operational enhancements and fosters significant cost savings.

Customizable Analysis Rules

Leverage Entronix's vast library of analytic functions and the flexibility to create custom rules for a tailored analysis experience. These rules autonomously process data, delivering vital insights directly to your team.

Empowering Operators with Smart Insights

Equip your operators and engineers with the knowledge they need to optimize operations. Entronix provides essential information on machine performance and production processes, enabling smarter operational decisions.
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