IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity

Entronix, a leader in the IoT space, provides cutting-edge Remote Monitoring Solutions that empower businesses with actionable data for innovation. Our comprehensive suite, including wireless battery powered IoT Sensors, Gateways, and Software, is designed for easy setup and efficient data analysis, enabling businesses to operate smarter, faster, and more effectively. 

 With features like 24/7 data access, exceptional wireless range, multiple transmission options, immediate alerts, and reliable sensor memory, Entronix puts you in control of data that enhances business performance. Our solutions are versatile, offering unparalleled support for a wide range of applications and use cases, ensuring you’re equipped for the demands of a connected world.

Innovative IoT Monitoring for Smart Operations

Harness Entronix's IoT technology for actionable insights through an easy-to-deploy suite of sensors, gateways, and software, enabling smarter, faster, and more efficient business decisions.

Flexible Solutions for Any Application

Meet the challenges of a connected world with Entronix's versatile IoT platform, supporting diverse applications from environmental monitoring to security, for comprehensive operational oversight.

24/7 Connectivity & Immediate Data Insights

Stay connected with 24/7 data access, extended wireless range, and instant alerts. Entronix ensures vital data is always at your fingertips, boosting business performance.

Comprehensive Environmental & Operational Monitoring

Optimize performance with Entronix's advanced sensors for temperature, humidity, vibration, water, and air quality monitoring, offering the insights needed for proactive management and efficiency.

Comprehensive IoT Sensor Solutions by Entronix.

Entronix’s IoT sensors streamline operations across sectors by enhancing efficiency, security, and intelligence. Key offerings include Temperature/Humidity Sensors for environmental control, Open-Closed Sensors for access security, Motion/Occupancy Sensors for energy optimization, and AC/Three-Phase Current Meters for energy insight. 

Additional tools like Light and Voltage Detection Sensors manage utility use, while Water Detection Sensors mitigate damage risks. Advanced options include Thermocouple Sensors for temperature, Accelerometers for machinery health, and Gas Detection for safety. Specialized sensors like Ultrasonic Ranging, Air Quality, and Differential Air Pressure monitor levels, environment, and system health. Also available are Vehicle Detection, Soil Moisture, and Propane Tank Monitors for niche applications. Entronix equips businesses with the data for enhanced decision-making and efficiency.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency: The Comprehensive IoT Sensor Suite by Entronix

IoT sensors are fully wireless and battery-operated, designed for effortless installation. Once deployed, they automatically establish a connection to the Entronix platform. This seamless integration ensures that data begins to flow instantly, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis without the need for manual intervention or complex setup procedures.

Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Effortlessly track environmental conditions with our IoT sensors, ideal for maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels. They are crucial for preserving the integrity of climate-sensitive goods, ensuring products remain in perfect condition. These sensors enable precise control over environmental parameters, enhancing efficiency and product quality.

Open-Closed Sensors

Enhance security and prevent unauthorized access with our Open-Closed Sensors. They are essential for monitoring doors and windows, alerting you to any changes in status to proactively prevent theft, damage, or spoilage. Ideal for both commercial and residential properties, these sensors ensure peace of mind.

Motion and Occupancy Sensors

Detect presence and movement within your premises with our Motion and Occupancy Sensors. These devices optimize energy use by controlling lighting and heating based on occupancy, reducing costs and enhancing security. They are perfect for commercial buildings, offices, and smart homes.

AC Current Meters

Monitor your energy consumption in real-time with our plug-and-play AC Current Meters. These sensors provide valuable insights into your power usage, helping identify opportunities for energy savings. Ideal for both residential and industrial applications, they support efficient energy management.

Light Meters

Optimize your lighting systems with our Light Meters. By measuring light levels, they help ensure optimal illumination for workspaces, reducing energy waste and enhancing comfort. These sensors are invaluable for maintaining the perfect balance of natural and artificial light.

Three-Phase Current Meters

Achieve significant energy savings with our Three-Phase Current Meters. They offer detailed insights into the power consumption of high-load systems, facilitating the identification of inefficiencies. Ideal for industrial settings, these meters are key to reducing operational costs.

Thermocouple Sensors

Simplify the monitoring of high temperatures with our Thermocouple Sensors. These sensors are essential for industries where temperature precision is critical, such as manufacturing and food processing. They ensure safety and quality control by providing accurate temperature readings.

Accelerometers & Vibration Meters

Gain deeper insights into machinery health with our Accelerometers and Vibration Meters. They detect unusual patterns that may indicate equipment failure, allowing for timely maintenance. These sensors are critical for preventing downtime in industrial operations.

Voltage Detection Sensors

Ensure electrical system integrity with our Voltage Detection Sensors. They provide turnkey solutions for monitoring power supply, safeguarding against voltage irregularities. These sensors are vital for maintaining operational safety and preventing equipment damage.

Water Detection Sensors

Protect your property from water damage with our Water Detection Sensors. These devices offer early warning of leaks or floods, enabling swift action to prevent costly damage. Ideal for homes, offices, and industrial facilities, they are a critical component of any risk management strategy.

Pulse Counters (Single Input)

Monitor consumption and system performance with our Pulse Counters. They are perfect for tracking water, gas, or electricity meter readings, providing data for resource management. These sensors facilitate accurate billing and usage analysis, enhancing efficiency.

Pressure Meters

Maintain optimal pressure levels in your supply lines with our Pressure Meters. These sensors ensure the reliability of water, gas, and air systems, preventing issues related to pressure imbalances. They are essential for industries reliant on precise pressure conditions.

Button Press Sensors

Simplify service requests and sensor networking with our Button Press Sensors. They provide a straightforward method for signaling needs or triggering actions, enhancing operational efficiency. These sensors are versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications from hospitality to manufacturing.

Gas Detection Sensors

Safeguard against hazardous gases with our Gas Detection Sensors. They offer real-time alerts for dangerous levels of CO, H2S, or CO2, ensuring workplace safety. These sensors are indispensable for industries where gas exposure poses a risk.

Ultrasonic Ranging Sensors

Achieve accurate level, distance, and object detection with our Ultrasonic Ranging Sensors. These devices streamline inventory management and safety protocols, offering precise measurements. They are ideal for logistics, manufacturing, and parking management.

Air Quality Sensor

Monitor particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5, PM1) with our Air Quality Sensor. This sensor helps maintain healthy indoor environments by tracking air pollution levels, essential for public spaces, offices, and homes. It plays a crucial role in wellness and environmental compliance.

Differential Air Pressure Sensor

Ensure the proper functioning of filters, systems, and components with our Differential Air Pressure Sensor. This sensor is key to maintaining system efficiency and preventing damage, ideal for HVAC and industrial applications.

Vehicle Detection & Counter Sensor

Optimize traffic flow and parking management with our Vehicle Detection & Counter Sensor. This sensor enhances service speed and customer satisfaction, perfect for retail, commercial parking lots, and smart city applications.

Soil Moisture Sensors

Optimize agricultural practices with our Soil Moisture Sensors. They provide essential data for irrigation management, ensuring crops receive the right amount of water, boosting yield, and conserving resources.

Propane Tank Monitor

Never run out of fuel with our Propane Tank Monitor. This sensor offers convenience and safety, alerting you to low levels in your propane tank. It is a must-have for residential and commercial applications reliant on propane.

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