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The Entronix Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to integrate data from a myriad of systems and devices into a singular, robust, and user-friendly platform. With its versatile connectivity, advanced data analytics, and seamless integration capabilities, Entronix is adept at bridging both contemporary and legacy hardware. This empowers facilities to achieve unmatched efficiency and precision in energy management. 

Entronix is proficient in handling data from a wide range of systems, from renewable to traditional BAS systems, rendering it an essential asset for any progressive facility. Presently, Entronix supports integration through protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, Obix, and others, further establishing its flexibility and broad applicability in various operational environments.

Unified Data Integration

Seamlessly consolidates data from diverse systems and devices on Entronix's unified platform. Experience the ease of managing both modern and legacy hardware through our comprehensive solution.

Versatile Connectivity Options

Connect with confidence using Entronix's support for multiple protocols including Modbus, BACnet, and Obix. Our platform's versatility ensures seamless integration in any operational environment.

Advanced Analytics for Optimal Efficiency

Leverage Entronix's advanced data analytics to unlock unparalleled efficiency in energy management. Make informed decisions with precision, optimizing both renewable and traditional energy sources.

Empowering Facilities with Smart Energy Solutions

Transform your facility with Entronix, the essential tool for progressive energy management. Achieve unmatched precision and efficiency, making your facility a model of modern energy sustainability.

The Benefits of Integrating Energy Management with Building Automation

Integrating an energy management system (EMS) with a building automation system (BAS) offers a multitude of advantages that streamline operations and enhance efficiency. This synergy between systems not only simplifies the management of energy consumption but also optimizes building performance across all levels. By allowing for real-time monitoring and control of energy use, such integration ensures that energy is utilized more efficiently, significantly reducing operational costs.

Additionally, it enhances occupant comfort by maintaining optimal environmental conditions through automated adjustments to lighting, heating, and cooling systems based on occupancy and usage patterns. The combined power of EMS and BAS paves the way for smarter, more sustainable buildings, enabling proactive maintenance, lowering carbon footprints, and ultimately contributing to a healthier bottom line and environment.

Integrating Systems for Optimal Efficiency

Entronix seamlessly integrates diverse systems and devices, offering advanced analytics and connectivity for comprehensive management across facilities.

Comprehensive Energy Data Integration

Leverage Entronix's versatile platform to integrate a wide array of energy systems, including solar, wind, and traditional power sources. Gain immediate access to essential data, offering real-time insights and advanced analytics within a few clicks.

Seamless Connectivity for Automation

Achieve flawless integration with Building Automation Systems through Entronix, supporting direct communication via Modbus and BACnet protocols. Enhance energy management capabilities by combining data and analytics from various sources.

Revitalize Legacy Meters

Give old meters a new lease on life with Entronix, equipping them with modern energy management features. Our platform makes it simple to upgrade outdated meters, ensuring they meet current efficiency standards.

Advanced Integration and Analysis

Utilize Entronix’s API for seamless software integration and tap into advanced visualizations for efficient fault detection. Our system ensures comprehensive connectivity with all Modbus or BACnet devices for holistic energy management.

Expanding Metering Capabilities

Transform manual or pulse meters with Entronix’s innovative solutions, enhancing functionality with Pulse-Modbus converters or QR codes. Connect a broad spectrum of field sensors for a fully integrated energy management system.

Diverse Meter Integration

Incorporate gas, water, and BTU meters effortlessly into your Entronix setup using standard communication protocols. This flexibility allows for a more comprehensive energy management approach, accommodating various meter types for detailed monitoring.

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