Fault Detection

Enhancing Building Operations with Advanced Fault Detection

Entronix’s Fault Detection module transforms building management by providing an innovative solution for identifying and alerting engineers to potential issues, often before they arise. This preemptive approach is vital for averting operational disruptions, such as HVAC system failures, ensuring swift resolution to protect revenue and maintain tenant satisfaction. 

Understanding the varied demands of fault detection, Entronix adopts a multi-tiered strategy, offering tailored solutions that combine customizable rules, instant alarming, and AI-driven expert systems. This comprehensive methodology not only elevates the precision of fault detection but also empowers management with the tools necessary for immediate response, thereby enhancing overall building efficiency and occupant experience.

Customizable Fault-Detection Rules

Empower your building management with customizable fault-detection rules. Utilize our intuitive point-and-click system or select from expertly designed existing rules to meet your specific operational needs.

AI-Driven Expert Systems

Leverage the power of AI with Entronix's expert systems to analyze complex data sets. Our advanced algorithms assess historical and real-time data for precise fault detection, enabling proactive maintenance strategies.

Instant Fault Alarming

Receive immediate fault notifications via email or SMS with Entronix's instant alarming feature. Ensure rapid response to prevent minor issues from escalating, keeping your operations smooth and tenants happy.

Preemptive Issue Identification

Stay ahead of operational disruptions with Entronix’s preemptive issue identification. Our fault detection module anticipates problems before they occur, safeguarding your building against potential downtime and revenue loss.

Run Operations Interactive Fault Management

Entronix elevates building management efficiency through its Interactive Fault Management system, designed to offer an engaging and insightful overview of building operations. With Customizable Fault Views, facility managers can interact with various graphs and tables that shed light on the rules set and faults identified, providing a clear picture of the building’s health. The system allows for the Prioritizing of Fault Severity, enabling managers to quickly identify and address issues that could significantly impact system functionality and financial outcomes.

Furthermore, the In-Depth Fault Drill down feature offers detailed, real-time insights into specific faults, making it easier than ever to understand and rectify issues promptly. This comprehensive approach not only enhances the decision-making process but also ensures that buildings operate smoothly, effectively reducing downtime and associated costs.

Cutting-edge tools
that drive performance

Integrating customizable detection rules, instant alerts, and AI-powered analytics, this module plays a crucial role in preventing operational problems like HVAC malfunctions, directly contributing to reduced downtime and happier tenants.

Proactive Fault Detection

Entronix's Fault Detection module preemptively alerts engineers to potential issues, preventing HVAC malfunctions and ensuring operational continuity. Safeguard your revenue and tenant satisfaction with instant, actionable alerts.

Customized Detection Rules

Create tailored fault-detection rules with our intuitive system or utilize expertly crafted ones to meet your specific needs. Ensure precise monitoring and swift resolution of issues unique to your facility.

Instant Notification System

Receive immediate fault notifications via email or SMS, enabling quick responses to prevent operational disruptions. Stay informed and ready to act at the first sign of trouble.

AI-Driven Fault Analysis

Leverage advanced AI to analyze data points across time for unmatched fault detection accuracy. Benefit from a system that learns and adapts to your operational patterns for optimal performance.

Interactive Fault Management

Engage with customizable views of faults through interactive graphs and tables, providing deep insights into system health. Make informed decisions with comprehensive data at your fingertips.

Severity-Based Fault Prioritization

Efficiently manage system integrity by categorizing faults based on their impact, prioritizing actions that safeguard financial performance and system functionality. Focus your efforts where they matter most.

In-Depth Fault Exploration

Dive deep into specific faults with our user-friendly interactive views, offering detailed, real-time information for precise issue identification. Empower your team with the tools to diagnose and resolve problems swiftly.

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