More Than Just Power Monitoring

The Entronix platform is data-agnostic and can interface with solar, wind, traditional electric, and water systems to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Real-time consumption, production, and comparison data are just clicks away!

Connect virtually anything in a Building Automation system to Entronix. Communicate with Modbus or BACnet devices directly, integrate data/analytics from existing systems via a number of supported protocols, and enhance outdated meters with the Entronix Energy Management Platform.

API Integration

Full integration with Yardi facility management software is possible.

Data Analytics

Connects with an existing Tridium system and utilize Entronix visualizations for analysis.

Hardware Integration

Communicate with any Modbus or BACnet device – sensors, controllers or EMS/BMS system.

System Protocols

Push and/or pull data to other systems via standard protocols such as OBIX, XML, OPC and others.

BMS Integration

Entronix can interface with existing EMS systems using many standard protocols.

Manual/Pulse Meters

Use our Pulse-Modbus converter or QR codes to bring new capabilities to old meters.

Field Sensors

Connect with a wide variety of devices – meters, temp/humidity, pressure, flow, CO/CO2 sensors.

Gas/Water/BTU Meters

Easily tie in to a variety of flow meters via standard protocols.