Fault Detection

Entronix’s Fault Detection module is uniquely designed to identify and alert building engineers of potential issues instantly, and in many cases, even preemptively. This capability is crucial in preventing operational problems, such as HVAC system malfunctions, ensuring they are addressed promptly – safeguarding against lost revenue and dissatisfied tenants

Understanding the diverse needs in fault detection, Entronix offers a multi-tiered approach.

Tailored Fault Detection Solutions

  • Fault-Detection Rules: Create customized rules with an intuitive point-and-click system, or leverage expertly crafted existing rules.
  • Instant Alarming: Management receives immediate notifications about faults via email or SMS, ensuring swift action.
  • AI Expert Systems: Advanced AI analyzes multiple data points, considering both historical and real-time values, for unparalleled precision in fault detection.

Interactive Fault Management

  • Customizable Fault Views: Engage with an array of interactive graphs and tables, offering comprehensive insights into your established rules and identified faults.
  • Prioritizing Fault Severity: Efficiently categorize faults based on their severity and potential impact on your system and financial performance.
  • In-Depth Fault Drilldown: Explore detailed, real-time information about specific faults with our user-friendly interactive views.

Our team collaborates with engineers to identify systems and infrastructural details that need specific courses of action.

ITG Plant Fault Detection

Efficient Rule and Notification Management

  • Create and Manage Rules: Empower management to establish custom rules or utilize pre-existing expert rules for effective fault detection and diagnostics.
  • Flexible Notification System: Tailor how and when you receive fault alarms. Choose between instant or deferred notifications, delivered directly to your phone via email or SMS.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring with AI Expert Systems: Benefit from the most sophisticated fault detection. Our expert systems monitor deviations, record new extremes, and analyze consumption patterns against established norms.

Visualize and Tackle Faults Effectively

  • Versatile Interactive Views: Our platform offers various ways to visualize faults – filter by meters, rules, or date ranges and zoom in for detailed analysis.
  • Identifying Critical Faults: Quickly sort and identify the most severe faults, focusing on those with the most significant impact on your system and finances.
  • Detailed Fault Analysis: Delve into each fault for an in-depth understanding, with the ability to zoom into specific times for precise fault identification.

Unleashing the Full Potential of Entronix

Entronix is not just an energy management tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers you to stay ahead of potential problems, ensuring the smooth operation and financial stability of your building. With its intelligent design, customizable features, and advanced AI capabilities, EMP is your partner in achieving optimal building performance.