Integrate other systems to Entronix for Analytics

The Entronix Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to integrate data from a myriad of systems and devices into a singular, robust, and user-friendly platform. With its versatile connectivity, advanced data analytics, and seamless integration capabilities, Entronix is adept at bridging both contemporary and legacy hardware. This empowers facilities to achieve unmatched efficiency and precision in energy management. Entronix is proficient in handling a wide range of energy sources, from renewable to traditional systems, rendering it an essential asset for any progressive facility. Presently, Entronix supports integration through protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, Obix, and others, further establishing its flexibility and broad applicability in various operational environments.

Integration section

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Comprehensive Energy Data Integration

Entronix transcends traditional power monitoring by offering a versatile, data-agnostic platform capable of interfacing with a diverse array of energy systems. This includes solar and wind power, conventional electricity, and water systems. Our platform provides immediate access to vital data, encompassing real-time consumption, production, and comparative analytics, all available within a few clicks.

Seamless Connectivity for Building Automation Systems

  • Broad Compatibility: Entronix flawlessly integrates with Building Automation Systems, enabling direct communication with devices using Modbus or BACnet protocols. 
  • Data and Analytics Integration: Enhance your existing systems by integrating data and analytics from various sources, supported by numerous protocols, to elevate your energy management capabilities.
  • Revitalize Outdated Meters: Utilize the Entronix platform to breathe new life into old meters, enhancing them with modern energy management features.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

  • API Integration: Achieve full integration with any existing facility management software, ensuring a seamless blend of systems.
  • Data Analytics: Leverage Entronix’s advanced visualizations for effective fault detection and analysis, connecting with your existing Building Automation System.
  • Hardware Integration: Communicate effortlessly with any Modbus or BACnet device, including sensors, controllers, and EMS/BMS systems.
  • System Protocols: Utilize standard protocols such as OBIX, XML, OPC, and others for versatile data push/pull capabilities with other systems.
  • Flexible Integration with EMS Systems: Interface with current EMS systems using a variety of standard protocols for a cohesive energy management experience.

Expanding Metering Capabilities

  • Manual/Pulse Meters: Transform traditional meters with our Pulse-Modbus converter or QR codes, introducing enhanced functionalities. 
  • Field Sensors Integration: Connect with a wide range of devices including meters, temperature/humidity sensors, pressure sensors, flow meters, and CO/CO2 sensors.
  • Gas/Water/BTU Meter Integration: Effortlessly incorporate various flow meters into your energy management setup via standard protocols.