Tenant Billing

The Entronix Facilities Analytics Platform revolutionizes tenant billing by introducing fully automated features. This advanced functionality eradicates the need for manual data entry and the reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets, paving the way for a more efficient and accurate billing process.

Key Features of Automated Tenant Billing Solution

Anomaly Detection with Billing Grid

Our sophisticated system conducts automatic checks for irregularities in tenant energy consumption, ensuring accurate invoicing by identifying billing anomalies.

Consumption Allowances

Set pre-specified limits, ensuring tenants are billed only for the consumption exceeding these thresholds.

Scheduling Flexibility

Implement different billing rates for various times of the day and week, accommodating diverse billing needs.

Quick Look

Obtain a complete billing overview for the entire facility, offering a bird's eye view of all tenant energy usage.

Bill Grid

Effortlessly access all invoices for any tenant from any time period in mere seconds through the intuitive Bill Grid.

Automated Invoicing

Set billing conditions, rates, and schedules, and then create invoices with a simple click, streamlining the billing process.

Customizable Invoices

Tailor the layout, visualization, and even include your own logo, ensuring that your invoices align with your brand identity.

Separated Permissions

Billing information remains confidential, accessible only to designated administrators and accountant-level users.

These features collectively empower users, ranging from utility managers to individual tenants, with unparalleled control and insight.

Customizable Consumption Allowances:

Implement pre-defined consumption limits, billing tenants only for usage beyond these allowances.Promote energy conservation by incentivizing tenants to stay within allocated limits.

Adaptable Time-Varying Rates:

Adjust billing rates for different date ranges, accommodating seasonal changes and special rate periods. Provide transparency and predictability in billing, aligning with market rate fluctuations.

Personalized Tenant Billing Options:

Offer individualized billing customization for tenants, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Enhance tenant satisfaction with flexible billing arrangements that reflect actual consumption patterns.

Real-Time Monitoring and Quick-View Dashboards:

Access real-time snapshots of all tenant billing and consumption data. Drill down for detailed insights, enabling proactive management and decision-making.

Each of these features is designed with the user in mind, aiming to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that addresses the complex needs of utility management and billing. By offering detailed control, real-time insights, and adaptable billing options, we empower users to manage their utilities more effectively and economically.

Crafted with Precision, Our Platform Revolutionizes Operational Efficiency, Ensures Flexibility, and Offers Comprehensive Oversight. From Utility Managers to Individual Tenants.

Billing grid

Data Exportation Flexibility

Our system supports the exportation of data to various formats, including Excel, HTML, or plain text files. This flexibility allows for easy integration with other systems, enabling seamless data analysis, reporting, and sharing across different platforms and departments within an organization.

Dynamic Scheduling and Billing

 Implement billing schedules that adapt to different rates at various times of the day and days of the week. This feature allows for the optimization of energy costs by aligning consumption patterns with the most economical rates, providing a strategic advantage in managing utility expenses.

Consumption-Based Allowances

Set pre-specified limits on utility consumption for tenants, billing them only for usage that exceeds these thresholds. This approach encourages efficient energy use, aligning financial incentives with sustainability goals.

Time-Varying Rates

Adapt to the dynamic nature of utility pricing with the ability to bill using different rates across various date ranges. This feature accommodates seasonal rate changes, promotional periods, and other temporal pricing strategies, offering flexibility in billing practices.

Revolutionizing Tenant Billing

The Entronix Energy Management Platform’s Automated Tenant Billing Solution represents a significant leap in tenant billing efficiency and accuracy. By harnessing the power of automation and user-friendly interfaces, it ensures a seamless, accurate, and customizable billing process, tailored to the unique needs of facility management. This system not only simplifies the billing process but also enhances transparency and accountability in energy consumption, making it an invaluable asset for any modern facility.