Automated Tenant Billing Solution

The Entronix Energy Management Platform includes automated billing features, which eliminate the need for manual data entry and cumbersome spreadsheets.

Anomaly Detection with the Billing Grid

Our system automatically checks and detects irregularities in tenant energy consumption and billing totals for accurate invoicing.

Quick Look Feature

Quickly jump to on overview of tenant energy consumption history for the past billing cycle.

Billing Features


Quick Look

Complete billing overview for entire facility.


Bill Grid

Access all invoices for any tenant from any time period in seconds through the Bill Grid.


Automated Invoicing

Input billing conditions, rates, and schedules, then simply click to create invoices.


Anomaly Detection

Software automatically detects billing outliers to halt any inaccuracies in billing.


Customizable Invoices

Layout, visualization, and logos are all customizable to fit your preference.


Separated Permissions

Billing information is only visible to administrators and accountant level users.



Bill using different rates for different times of day and day of week.



Tenants are billed only for consumption over pre-specified limits.



Simple user-interface: run hundreds of tenant reports with a single click.