Entronix Spearheads Innovative Energy Monitoring Solution for Texas Property Management Group Amidst Power Crisis

In the aftermath of the devastating winter storms that swept through Texas in February 2021, leaving over four million residents without power and exposing vulnerabilities in the state’s energy grid, a major property management group in Texas has taken proactive steps to mitigate future energy shocks. The extreme weather events not only challenged the resilience of infrastructure but also highlighted the critical need for advanced energy management solutions in the face of deregulated energy markets and volatile pricing.

Recognizing the urgency to adapt and safeguard operations, the property management group turned to Entronix, a leader in real-time energy monitoring technology, to devise a robust system capable of navigating the complexities of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) energy pricing. This collaboration birthed the creation of an ERCOT tracking dashboard.

The ERCOT tracking dashboard serves as a comprehensive tool for the property management group’s team, offering real-time insights into ERCOT’s management of the Texas power grid, the influence of weather conditions on energy pricing, and the immediate electricity consumption across their properties. This innovative solution not only provides current data on ERCOT pricing but also integrates temperature monitoring and electricity usage analytics to enable a proactive response to fluctuating energy costs.

By leveraging this dashboard, chief engineers and the operational staff can monitor critical changes and make informed decisions to optimize energy use across their portfolio of properties. The system utilizes historical energy consumption data, future weather forecasts, and performance metrics from essential equipment such as chillers, boilers, and HVAC systems to generate an analytical profile. This profile, in turn, guides the operations team on the most efficient equipment utilization strategies based on the collected data.

Furthermore, the dashboard is equipped with a feature to issue alerts to property teams whenever ERCOT pricing exceeds a set threshold. This functionality allows engineering staff to promptly adjust operational practices at their properties, thereby avoiding unnecessary energy expenditures and contributing to the sustainability and efficiency of their operations.

The partnership between the Texas-based property management group and Entronix marks a significant advancement in the application of real-time energy monitoring and management solutions. It exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to addressing the challenges posed by energy deregulation and the unpredictability of weather-related disruptions. Through innovative technology and strategic collaboration, the initiative paves the way for improved resilience and efficiency in property management, setting a benchmark for the industry in the face of evolving environmental and market conditions.


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April 11, 2023

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